Orthopedic Supports

Orthopedic Supports

Chiropractic is a powerful tool on its own in helping the body heal, but with the right orthordics you can receive better posture and less pain.

Back Braces

Back braces-custom professional orthopedic spinal bracing offers superior support and limits range of motion to allow healing in the initial phase of care. These can be covered by insurance, depending on your plan.

Extremity Joint braces

Custom professional orthopedic bracing for many areas including: Knee, wrist, ankle, hand, foot and specialty shoulder orthopedic devices. These can also be covered by insurance.

Lumbar Orthopedic Supports

Professional-quality supports for your home, work or commute. Get the proper size in our office.

Cervical Pillows

Proper support for you neck (cervical spine) while you sleep. Important in recovery of neck injuries, auto accidents, whiplash, sports injuries and posture correction. Get fitted by the professionals at our office!