What To Expect

What to Expect at Chiro-Med Health & Wellness

3 phases of care: Phase I -Relief care. Phase II -Corrective care. Phase 3 -Wellness/maintenance care

Your First Visit

New patients are greeted at our office by the most friendly, courteous and caring staff in the area. Our staff is an integral part of your healthcare team and they will be there for support, guidance and re-assurance along your path to recovering your health or just eliminating your pain.

If you haven’t completed your paperwork in advance, you will be asked to fill out your admitting paperwork and then you will see the doctor as quickly as possible. Most of our patients are seen within 15 minutes of arrival to the office.


The doctor will then have a consultation with you to discuss any existing problems, pertinent history and to determine your health goals. After a complete history is taken, a thorough examination will be performed to assess your state of health and make an accurate diagnosis of any existing conditions. XRays and any other necessary tests will be taken or ordered at this time. They will be reviewed with you during your second visit.

Second Visit – Report of Findings

The second visit is a very important time. This is when your healthcare decisions and goals are determined. You will be shown the cause of your pain/symptoms, and your treatment will be discussed in detail. You will be given options for all treatments that we offer, which will be tailored to your individual diagnosis and healthcare goals.

It is often helpful for patients to bring supporters such as family members with them during the report of findings because there can be a lot of information provided. You will be given a written report to help you understand the findings and to help you.

Regular Visits

After you have made the decision to improve your health and understand what it will take to make the necessary changes, the rest is easy. The typical office visit lasts less than ½ an hour. Normally, you will sign in and be seen within 5 minutes. Then, you will either be escorted to a treatment room or to the therapy suite.

The doctor will see you as quickly as possible and you will receive the best care available for your condition. Each visit builds on the preceding visit, so sticking to your scheduled appointments is very important to the success of your treatment. If there are any questions along the way, your doctor is always available for further consultation.